martedì 28 agosto 2012


Joseph Perna, pianist, performing in concerts as a solo pianist and didactic teaching of Tonal Harmony and Harmony Modal, like many European colleagues, has gone from Villa Avantgarde of the '60s and '70s out of the twelve-tone serialism and post-Webern, through the combination of neo-classical and modal harmony and gradually transformed into an improviser in a style that combines the classicism and contemporary modal jazz avant-garde. The poetic and melodic music of Giuseppe Perna as he himself calls it "an attempt to dive in myself to be able to touch the beauty." The art of G.P. it also captures his skepticism about contemporary society, it is the music of the stop in time, materializing in the sound of a vacuum surprising rhythmic and melodic where the action is often slowed down deliberately to induce reflection. The modal improvisation free from predictable and pushes into the unknown of a performance where the orchestration typical of modernity official proposal weakens the darkening of 'musical element of tonal gravity. info: na.pe54 @

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